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Standing true to its legacy of presenting Contemporary Indonesian art and to its brand philosophy – a philosophy that combines simplicity with elegance, “glocal” art with local craft and that applies all of them to fashion and lifestyle- BIASA is pleased to announce the launch of its latest creative project: Art To Wear.

The project is the result of a personal collaboration between artist Jyoti Parenco and Susanna Perini, BIASA founder and creative director.

A silk kaftan, an impalpable scarf and a cotton voile sarong -3 essential pieces perfect to pack for tropical traveling- are realized in 11 unedited artist’s designs. Each artwork is an abstract painting specifically created by artist JyotiParenco and successfully printed on silk and on cotton fabrics in a series of limited editions bound to become collectible items.

The original art pieces are a result of the meeting with the artist who has created them for BIASA, using techniques that include 3D effects of layering kaolin and glue on canvas and over layering it again with color combinations modulated by rhythmic shapes and by inclusions of gold pigment, as punctuation.

The sarongs made in fine cotton voile. While the scarves, realized in vaporous transparent silk that fits inside a hand. All pieces are numbered, signed and handed over in special containers along with a certificate of authenticity.

Below is a piece from Jyoti’s interview that published in The Yak #55, June-August 2017 issue

How did your partnership with the BIASA fashion brand come about ?
I met Susanna at one of my exhibitions in Europe, and we started talking about the possibility of combining my art with the lightness of BIASA fabrics so that we could create limited edition art works to wear and not just to hang on the wall.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the Art to Wear project ? Each piece begins with organic materials on canvas. I make my own natural paints from roots and leaves and I finish off each canvas with 22-karat gold. Then I use a digital printer to transfer the images to silk.



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Exhibition Artworks

Just for you
Jyoti Parenco - 2017 oil on canvas 200 x 75 cm
Just for you
Jyoti Parenco - 2017 oil on canvas 200 x 75 cm
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