BIASA & John Hardy’s Fashion Show Collaboration at Alila Villas Uluwatu

With flashes of lightning above, and paparazzi flashes below, this past Friday July 15th, BIASA joined creative forces with John Hardy to welcome Bali’s newest culinary player, The Warung, at Alila Villas Uluwatu.

The threatening cloudscast the perfect mood lighting as the sun set, and the intimate evening of fashion, jewellery, and food began. Indonesia’s fashion elite, including Mike Lewis and Indah Kalalo, creatively obliged to the evening’s invite requesting an ‘Indonesian-inspired’ dress code. All were ready for a show. And a show they received.

The Alila’s lofty corridors, corners, cabana, and lawn all became runways, as much for the fashion as for the food. The Warung wooed the crowd of savvy palettes, ensuring trays of treats flowed from their open kitchen. Taste buds briefly distracted, it was time to feed the other senses.

BIASA, under the artistic vision of founder Susanna Perini, previewed the latest Summer/Autumn 2016 Collection in three acts. Adorned with John Hardy’s exquisite gemstones, Act 1 began as BIASA’s ‘Let There Be White’ collection floated in. Barefoot models strolled throughout the space, showcasing BIASA’s trademark ethereal movement. The Alila’s contemporary lines, combined with John Hardy’s modern vibrant pieces, made for a breathtaking opening.

Between acts, The Warung set up nostalgic food stations, serving gado-gado to order, satay, pisang goreng, and more. The mood was celebratory and all about Indonesia, even right down to the lampposts shaped to emulate bamboo penjors, casting the stage for the next act.

For Act II, BIASA’s collection, in shades of honey, made a beeline through the feasting guests. John Hardy’s bold collection of handcrafted silver and gold complemented BIASA’s pieces effortlessly. Models blended with guests, giving everyone a chance to get up-close and personal with the Indonesian craftsmanship inherent to both brands.

The Final Act for BIASA, was an opportunity to share a few of the collection’s black pieces. Parading through the partygoers, John Hardy’s stackable chained bracelets and statement necklaces balanced BIASA’s collection that played with transparency and symmetry.

Feasting on fashion and Indonesian cuisine, it was a romantic, indulgent evening that will linger with all in attendance. BIASA and John Hardy, two brands defined by their dedication to Indonesian artistry, wholeheartedly welcomed The Warung, certain it will make Alila a destination for Indonesian cuisine.