BIASA Launches Fall 2014/15 Collection

BIASA celebrates the launch of their new Fall 2014/15 collection now available in stores. A stark monochrome elegance, a soft blend of sweet pastels and harvest shades of rustic chic; this season, BIASA presents stories from cities to shores.

A modern, clean and contemporary look compliments BIASA’s signature effortless silhouettes, creating a bold dynamic of ’the chic’ and ‘the suave’ for women and men. Free flowing natural shapes are teamed with box-cut tailored elegance, combining colors subtle and bold.

Burnished with handmade details; appliqué in bold geometric stripes and shapes, hand-stitched embellishment, artistic prints and glittering sequins placed onto layered natural fabrics from the softest cottons, sheer mousseline and chiffon to special denim linens.

Striking accessories include crafted neck pieces and bracelets from acrylic and wood, contemporary eyewear, glittering jewelry in antique silver and gold, geometric tote bags, embellished day slippers and signature scarves and sarongs.

A distinct combination of classic and contemporary, find extraordinary simplicity with BIASA. Visit our stores to find out more.