27 July - 31 August, 2007

Fetish Objects Art Project #1

Collective Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali

The main idea of the FETISH Objects Art Project #1 exhibition is that fetish/fetishism – the phenomenon of objects having distinctively exquisite meanings for individuals – may help re-emphasize the emergence of art object, with its flexibility to accommodate diverse forms and ideas. At the same time, this exhibition implies recognition that our contemporary life is very obviously characterized and predominated by the material realm: things, objects, artifacts, commodities. Human beings – the creators of those objects, artifacts, commodities – are increasingly determined and defined by their creations.

FETISH testifies the fact that objects or any physical phenomena around us are not merely functional to us human beings. The utilitarian perspective is only partially valid, if at all, when dealing with FETISH. FETISH may reveal nightmares, obsessions, paranoia, enthusiasm, lust, fantasies and any mental drives springing from the most hidden layers of our ”consciousness”. The phenomenon of FETISH reveals the fragility of humans’ existence amid objects of their creation, and reflects their wildest imaginations in their continuous attempts to give “significance” to themselves and the surrounding world through objects.

In the current development of Indonesian contemporary art, object has won an increasingly important position; it is becoming popular among Indonesian contemporary artists as a medium of expression. Objects art may give a perfect example of how definitions and interdisciplinary borders in art are being expanded, reworked, or even totally revised with respect to sculpture, craft, and – even earlier – installation. In terms of form, objects art shows its highly flexible and liberal nature by working with various elements: made objects or forms, found objects, pictures, photos, sounds, mechanical components, lights, et cetera. Objects art also tends to present itself in familiar, convenient ways, as in terms of size it is generally not big and appeals to the viewer’s detailed observation. Overall, objects art doesn’t have the pretension of being monumental or gigantic.

Some works on exhibition can be regarded as the artists’ confessions of their personal tendency to make fetishes of various items, from cigarettes, guitars, pencils, weapons, bags and bicycles to racing cars. Some others just offer the artists’ critical views on the tendency to fetishism external to themselves: the operation of certain powerful ideas and values enhanced by commodities or triggered by a power structure in certain socio-political practices.

FETISH Objects Art Project #1 presents several works featuring various objects in a range of forms and configurations that will unveil the secrets of humans’ mental conditions we hitherto tend to conceal behind our arrogant rational, logical thinking. Or, at least, this exhibition offers objects, articles, and even behaviors common and trivial in most people’s daily life, but in different dimensions subject to the artists working at them.

27th July to 31st August, 2007

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