27 July 2005 - 18 August 2007

Open View

Collective Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali

Rarely is an artist found. Rarer still, is when you find a group of artists all in the same place, all real contemporary artists, all friends and all living in the same vicinity, as neighbors. But more then that, they all share their own ideas and concepts, discussing them, experimenting with new methodology and media while exploring new fields and techniques. If you think all of that is amazing, imagine coming to find, after you’ve visited their studios, that their artworks are all different, from technique to content and at the same time all linked in some beautiful expressionist way and view of the Indonesian contemporary art scene.

Seen were the sculpture from Rudi Mantofani, with the grass textures represented in a geometrical shape with her solidity; The “Meditations” a series of paintings from Alfi Jumaldi, that are painted on the same canvas in his childlike-symbolic style together with new harmonic and relaxing one color minimalist blocks; The three-dimensional unusual object created by Handiwirman and re-paint on canvas give you, when look at, a unique, frontal and enigmatic approach to the artwork; The big and colorful Arab style words on the work of Zulkarnaini slowly evolve and mutate into sweet curved lines, in light colors; The wooden life size human sculptures of Abdi Setiawan, completely dressed with a perfect street look; The artwork created by Yuli Prayitno, for the recent exhibition “Packaging”, elaborate on concepts related to our contemporary packaging dependent society; The photographic painted flower modified and cut by Kokok, look so natural, that you do not see the missing pieces; The solid material that appears to be in liquid form from Yusra Martunus, together with his new paintings and the paintings of Yunizar, which are full of lines, scratches, dots and mixing curves in a dark monochrome color, all painted with a small brush, giving the artwork an extraordinary intensity and almost hypnotic feel.

Most of these artworks have never been exhibited in Bali, just as seeing all of these young Indonesian artists all at the same time, may never happen again. We were very impressed by all this creativity, technical mastery in unique languages and that’s why we decided to hold an exhibition like OPEN VIEW in Biasa Artspace.

27th July 2005 to 18th August 2007