16 July - 16 August, 2009

The Frame In Between – Kirsty Ludbrook

Solo Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali

Embroidery and manga are an unlikely match, but in Kirsty Ludbrook’s large-scale silk artworks, the painstaking technique is used to preserve the fleeting moment they depict.
Intricately hand-stitched, the embroideries are appliquéd into graphic compositions that each describe a single, reflective instant. Paintings on the same scale investigate different sensations of the moment, as Ludbrook manipulates paint to explore motion. Together the series of ‘storyboard’ frames build a sense of repetitive motion around the exhibition space.

Interested in the ways we attain knowledge of ourselves, Ludbrook here explores the simple moments of reflection in which understanding comes to us. ‘The Frames in Between’ – the undrawn frames in a storyboard – are those she believes are the most significant in the pursuit of self-knowledge. The focus of this exhibition is a solitary young Balinese girl, and through each missed glimpse of her, always just out of frame or veiled in isolation by her hair, Ludbrook pursues her study on the modes of self-reflection. Ludbrook comes from a professional background in the worlds of music and fashion in Sydney, Australia, her experiences reflected in her style and offset by a classical fine art training. She now lives and works in Bali.

Kirsty Ludbrook (1973, Australia) studied at the Julian Ashton Art School and Paddington Art School after graduating from a Bachelor of Philosophy / Fine Arts at the University of Sydney. Ludbrook explored her creativity through many media by establishing a multi-disciplinary design agency, through which she worked extensively in the worlds of fashion and music and won numerous industry accolades. In 2004 she was named by The Bulletin Magazine as one of Australia’s top 10 creative talents.
In 2007 Ludbrook moved to Bali, where from her studio in Canggu, her investigation of ideas is pursued through sketches and paintings. Through experiments with new materials and techniques found in Bali – the harmonious, graduated colours that could be achieved in silk batik work – Ludbrook was able to evolve her works. She reconstructs her sketches and paintings into murals by employing local batik and embroidery techniques on silk.

Her works from the exhibition ‘The Frames In Between:’, depict the ordinary phases between events, and identify them as life’s most significant moments. Ludbrook has composed these moments in frames of paintings, embroideries, and sketches.


16th July to 16th August, 2009

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