28 August - 30 October, 2009

Thisoriented 2nd Stage – Matteo Basilé

Solo Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali

Born in Rome in 1974, from a well-known dynasty of artists, Matteo Basilé has been exposed to the art world all his life. Since his first appearance on the art scene (1996), Basilé has been working by interacting with his cultural inheritance and aspiring to a new system of productive meaning. Among the first European to explore and develop what is today regarded as digital art, Matteo Basilé conveys photography with avant-garde technology as a linguistic formula to research the processes of self and
social discovery. The artist constantly rejects a static vocabulary and confronts himself in relation to memory and tradition.

The artist spent the last two years in South Eastern Asia, specifically on the Island of Bali, investigating the cultural, and social short-circuits in envisioning the representation of contemporary life. THISORIENTED 2nd STAGE will be presented at BIASA A R T S P A C E, in Bali on August 28th. The exhibition is the second chapter of a project that Basilé recently presented at the 53rd Venice Biennial (2009) at Italian Pavillion. THISORIENTED stands for the actual pivotal moment, in which the artist signals the Asian geographical area as the epicenter of a cultural revolution that is threatening the established social pyramid. By re-working the DNA of subjects and images, the artist’s visual journey not only mirrors his onirical imaginary, but eventully results amplified into an ususual relational aesthetics between spiritual and social dynamics.

In a time where essence and appearance of artworks constantly mutate, Basilé situates his optical sensations and original ideas as an interface between past and present. His works exist simultaneously as artifacts, single-edition objects (i.e. light-box and plotter-painting) and are multiplied like incorporeal visual thoughts that fluctuate on the net, as adaptable data units to be appropriated and then transformed into new systems of meaning.
Despite his young age, the artist won the prestigious New York Prize at Columbia in 2002 and had a consistent number of oneman shows as well as collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. Among the artist’s major solo exhibition are noteworthy: THISORIENTED 1st STAGE, Italian Pavillion, 53rd International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennial, (2009), The Saints are Coming, Lucca Digital Festival, (2008), Apparitions, MART, Trento e Rovereto, (2007), Transavanguardia, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome (2007), Quel che resta della Transavanguardia , Galleria Pack, Milan (2007), I don’t believe it, Galleria Guidi&Schen, Genoa (2005).

As major Group exhibition: Artisti: solitari – uno sguardo dal Ponte sul terzo millennio, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome (2009). Art contemporain italien, Marlborough Gallery, Montecarlo (2009), 15sima Quadriennale di Roma, Rome (2008), From the Forbidden city to the Eternal City, Beijing (2008), Nature and Metamorphosis, Emergent Italian creativity Informs Nature, Beijing (2006), Arterritory, Capitoline Museums, Rome (2006), The Tribes of Memory, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Rome (2005).

THISORIENTED 1st STAGE Series produced by GALLERIA PACK – Milano
THISORIENTED 2nd STAGE Series produced by BIASA A R T S P A C E – Bali


28th August to 30th October, 2009

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