22 August - 30 September, 2005

Yellow Line District – Federico Tomasi

Solo Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali

Yellow Line District

Face and body, bodies and faces. Since the beginning of fine art’s history, they have represented one of the favorite subjects for the artist. From bodies painted on the walls of ancient caves by our ancestors and faces of religious icons with no prospective at the end of the middle ages to Bodies and faces again on the battle field and portraits of a rich merchants in the XVII and XVIII century. Then came the few detailed bodies from the impressionist period and the square faces from cubism, Body and face again are always to be painted. They are the mirror, the tools used by the artist to represent the society, the history, in expressing human pain and mistake, to portrait human sensitivity and emotion.

In this exhibition, Federico Tomasi chose to paint faces of men and bodies of women. Two subjects that represent different universes, the passionate and painful world of men and the romantic, sensual and powerful world of women. Like electrons and protons in atoms, these two series’ of paintings find a perfect balance inside the gallery.

On one side all Faces, with their own and different personalities, some with eyes staring lost into the emptiness of the space, others straight into you and yet still others are half open in such sad expressions. Big lips painted with impossible colors, strong lines and passion. Faces full of color, of emotions, painted with subtle gestures, filling the brush with color and allowing such colors to define the shape and expression allowed to fall on the canvas in such intense splashes or in minute drops, tiny lines or huge splits, of color. Bodies that tell us about life and sensuality are showcased on the opposite side complimenting this extraordinary exhibition. Women’s Bodies standing, glancing, looking or laying in the nude are showcased and expressed. Painted with the same intensity, an instinctive sense of proportion and with a sort of distance, like a photograph from the 20’s which better expresses the sensuality,but not in an erotic nature. In this chosen manner to express the images, it is easier to find all the beauty of woman’s body in its harmony, its femininity, while protecting its motherliness.

The Yellow Line District is a place more accessible then the Red Line District. Love and respect are desire and passion, daily life’s issues and the joys of life are not forbidden or secret, they are places you can now visit in this series of paintings that showcase them to us.

And in feeling and expressing this…

22nd August to 30th September, 2005