27th December 2019 to 8th March 2020

Ugo Untoro – Archives of a Collector


AArtSpace is pleased to present ‘Ugo Untoro – Archives of a Collector’, a selection of artworks by Indonesian artist Ugo Untoro from the private collection of the founder of BIASA and art collector Susanna Perini.‘Ugo Untoro – Archives of a Collector’ presents seventeen artworks, one video and five sticker prints by Ugo Untoro.The artworks are displayed as archives in dialog with the exhibition space: They are divided into six groups organized by the year of execution of the artworks and are flanked by wall text stickers that include Ugo Untoro’s quotes and excerpts from several essays written by writers and curators in relation to his artistic practice.The exhibition pays homage to Ugo Untoro, one of the leading Indonesian artists of his generation in conjunction with his solo exhibition ‘Rindu Lukisan Merasuk di Badan’ [Missing Painting Into the Body] at the National Gallery in Jakarta, and also reflects upon the role of collectors in the art world through Susanna Perini’s collection.Over the years, the role of collectors has been transformed from a figure in the shadow into an active player. Personalities like Gertrude Stein (the first to embody this new role), Ghislain Mollet-Viéville, and Charles Saatchi are a few examples. They are part of that transformation in contemporary art that has replaced the pyramid structure (vertical structure), in which curators, critics, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers were subordinated to the activity of the artist, with a linear structure (horizontal structure) whereby collectors, curators, editors, writers, and dealers can finally leave the bleachers and join the artists on the field.

About Susanna Perini and BIASA ArtSpace

AThe figure of Susanna Perini belongs to that part of collectors who are active players in the field of contemporary art. Born into a family of couturiers, Susanna Perini’s innate approach to design and the arts was inherent at a young age. The early years of her career saw her playing an active role in her mother’s boutique, while studying anthropology and working as a fashion photographer in her hometown, Rome in Italy.

In 2005, Perini founded BIASA ArtSpace as a natural response to her passion for contemporary art. Over the years, BIASA ArtSpace has grown to become a unique venue where artists are invited to present, develop, and create in total freedom.

Following these premises, BIASA ArtSpace has recently expanded into three key goals: The first one is to continue supporting young Indonesian and Balinese artists but this time with a specific focus to the connection between art making and materials, which reflects BIASA’s unique research in textile and intimate relationship with local artisans. The second goal is to host exhibitions at its space, which constitutes one of the most important contemporary institutions for contemporary art in Bali, together with Kayu, to which BIASA is a main sponsor. The third goal is focused on supporting new video works by contemporary artists such as Laurent Montaron, Keren Cytter and Enrique Ramírez.

About Ugo Untoro

AUgo Untoro is an interdisciplinary artist working across installations, sculptures, comics, paintings, drawings, and objects. His works reflect upon the theme of human existence. He depicts everyday life in Indonesian culture and turbulent fast-paced living of a contemporary man. Ugo also writes aphorisms, poetry, and some fiction. With his unique sensitivity, Ugo has created many poetic artworks without leaving behind his criticism.

Ugo has participated in numerous exhibitions in collaboration with BIASA ArtSpace: ‘Beyond the East’, 2011, Macro Museum, Italy; ‘Arte Fiera Bologna’, 2010, Italy; ‘Invito all’Opera’, 2009, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva in collaboration with Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy; ‘Poem of Blood’, 2009, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome; ‘Sciascia – Untoro’, 2008, BIASA ArtSpace, Bali; ‘Poem of Blood’, 2008, Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair; ‘My Lonely Riot’, 2006, BIASA ArtSpace, Bali.
‘Ugo Untoro – Archives of a Collector’ will be on view at BIASA ArtSpace Ubud from December 27, 2019, to March 8, 2020, every day from 9AM to 7PM. BIASA ArtSpace is located on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali. For more information about BIASA ArtSpace and the current exhibition, please contact widi@biasaart.com

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