We are true to ourselves.

Our story begins in 1994 when BIASA was founded by Italian-born designer and art enthusiast Susanna Perini. A beautiful boutique and label inspired by Indonesian lifestyle and Italian design ethos, we were the first on the island to offer visitors and residents sophisticated resort-wear collections along with treasures from around the world: hand-cast homeware, artisan pieces and exotic handmade furnishings.
More than twenty years on, we have grown to become an award-winning and internationally recognized label, art space and lifestyle brand, with a growing reputation, fans, partners, collectors and customers.

In all, we encompass a vision and philosophy that we have remained true to since 1994; we are not a mere label or brand; we are true to ourselves, we are a unique expression of art, idealism and lifestyle.

Fashion through the eyes of an artist

Our signature style combines creative cuts, artisanal details and natural materials to create sophisticated clothing, perfect for tropical cities and shores. We offer truly unique style, suited to bons vivants, worldly travelers and those who choose to live ‘outside the box’. Best known for our free-flowing creative cuts, the beauty of our label lies in the details. What may appear simple at first glance reveals layers of depth in design at a closer look: handmade, hand-stitched, precisely cut with artistic attributes including hand-loomed fabrics, traditional weaving, appliqué, detailed embroidery and often a contemporary take on time-honored handicraft and techniques. The combination of these along with beautiful contemporary designs is BIASA, a unique label for both women and men.


BIASA ArtSpace was founded in Bali in 2005 as a natural response to BIASA founder Susanna Perini’s passion for contemporary art. When it was founded, BIASA ArtSpace played a pivotal role, presenting artists from Indonesia and elsewhere at a time when there was little knowledge or support for the contemporary art in Bali.

Over the years, BIASA ArtSpace has grown to become a unique venue where artists are invited to present, develop, and create in total freedom. With spaces in Bali and Jakarta, BIASA ArtSpace has collaborated with institutions such as the National Gallery in Jakarta, MACRO in Rome, Delfina Foundation in London, and the Indonesian pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Following these premises, our mission has recently expanded into three key goals: the first one is to continue supporting young Indonesian and Balinese artists but this time with a specific focus to the connection between art making and materials, which reflects BIASA’s unique research in textile and intimate relationship with local artisans.

The second goal is to host exhibitions at its space, which constitutes one of the most important contemporary institutions for contemporary art in Bali, together with Kayu, to which BIASA is a main sponsor. The third goal is focused on supporting new video works by contemporary artists such Laurent Montaron, Keren Cytter and Enrique Ramírez.

Made In Bali

Each morning as the sun rises on the island of Bali, women begin to prepare their daily offerings to appease both the Gods and Demons. Acknowledging that the universe is a balance between good and evil, the Balinese give thanks each day, asking for blessings and good fortune.

Culturally rich with a long-standing heritage of traditional arts and crafts, music and religious ceremonies, the deep-rooted culture of Bali is intrinsically linked to the foundation of our brand. Our home sits in the midst of the island, a creative hub where materials are received from exotic destinations, hand-dyed, hand-crafted and transformed into wonderful creations found in our boutiques and around the world. With over 200 talented pairs of hands that work closely with our founder Susanna Perini to create our vision of style and design, we are truly blessed with a beautiful home from where we spread our work and philosophy.

Making a Difference

Throughout the years, we give back to Bali by helping several non-profit organisations and individuals who have made a difference in the society. Among those is Matahari Terbit Center (MTC) that takes care of disabled children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome or others on the island. Not only do we support them through monthly donation, we also sell beautiful jewellery pieces crafted by the beloved young souls at MTC, and the proceeds of which will benefit Matahari Terbit Center in carrying their noble mission. Pictured is a bracelet from the Cinta Kasih collection that can be found at BIASA stores. For more information, please visit www.mtcbali.com.

Back in early 2000s, Bali was forever changed by a series of terrorist attacks that killed many innocent lives. Chusnul Chotimah is one brave survivor from those tragedies ravaging the island. BIASA took the initiative to consistently support Chotimah in building her life back after the attacks. You can reach us through our contact link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Our founder Susanna Perini lands in Bali and falls in love with its culture and beauty, instantly deciding to make the island her home.

BIASA is a seed planted in Susanna’s mind, the wheels are in motion with exciting plans and ideas coming together.

BIASA is founded. Our first boutique is opened in Seminyak, Bali, surrounded by rice fields. Our first collection hangs on the rails for all to see. We are one of two stores in Seminyak at the time. Our neighbor BAIK BAIK is happy to have company.

We move into our flagship store in Bali: 36 Jalan Seminyak Raya. Still open to this day, this store is the beating heart of our brand where visitors from all over the world come to indulge in our new collections.

We are going global, available in Greece, Australia, Maldives, Mauritius, USA, Spain… the list is growing.

Our art gallery, BIASA ArtSpace, is founded in a beautiful space in Seminyak. Architect Giovanni D’Ambrosio is invited to design the space: a large, contemporary open space with an iconic floating staircase and orange roof made from rice-harvesting material.

We open our expansive Jakarta store, allowing our dearest fans and customers in Jakarta access to our new collections without having to plan a trip to Bali.

Our store in Ubud, Bali, is now open. A beautifully unique space, residents and visitors of Bali are letting us know how much they love walking down the street in their respective towns to pick up pieces from our latest collection.

We collaborate with MACRO Testaccio, Rome, for ‘Beyond the East’ exhibition, ‘A Gaze on Indonesian Contemporary Art’ as part of BIASA ArtSpace’s program for the year. It is a moment of pride and a huge success.

Our store in Sanur, Bali, is now open. Located in the quieter part of the island, the languid weather in this shore suits the vibes of our tasteful designs.

We open our partnership boutique in Mexico, an exciting foray into a new world of resorts and relaxation.

After a considerable time, the current BIASA ArtSpace transformed into BIASA+ Concept store. BIASA+ sees Susanna’s passions for art and fashion come together along with the addition of homeware and lifestyle products.

BIASA celebrates 20 years of growth. BIASA 20th Anniversary Campaign featuring 20 inspiring young profiles won the Best Ad Campaign by The Yak Magazine Awards.

Our fans are excited to see Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh spotted in BIASA on the set of their film ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’.

Our store in Batu Belig, Bali, opens for business, along with a store in Cancun, Mexico. We are on a roll…